Crisp cold….changing leaves… 
Do you have your Fall books?


Ben’s Day

by Mark C. Collins

Join Ben as he takes on the first day of Summer! With a little imagination and a lot of action, Ben has no time for boredom!


Bridging The Gap

by Dawn M. Edmond

Bridging The Gap, “The journey from pain to understanding” is a collection of short stories that explore the wounds borne by intergenerational conflict between a parent and child. The journey from pain to understanding is explore, while reconciling the void birthed by misunderstandings and fragmented relationships.   


Redeem Yourself

by Jerome Livingston Jr.

‘Redeem Yourself’ speaks about a willingness to change one’s life and the pitfall(s) that youth are facing, such as drugs, inadequate education, a shaky economy and mass incarceration.   Through the eyes of one who’s been redeemed, we should remain strong and think positive.   One should have faith and a strong belief that everything will be alright.  Turning one’s life around can be difficult, yet not impossible.  One needs to have a strong constitution to change.  No one is without a blemish and it is not something to be ashamed of.  It’s a reminder of a wounded past that can be used to heal others.