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We are passionate about serving book lovers and authors alike! Nothing brings us greater joy than when a book lover tells us they learned of a new great author and purchased a few books from our website! We are ecstatic when authors tell us how much the videos interviews and content that we’ve created for them have boosted their book sales!

Don’t take our word for it – read below how much value we bring to those authors in our For Book Lovers Only family!

“Rob Brown’s commitment to exposing and supporting authors is outstanding. Rob featured me on his internet show For Book Lover’s Only and it was one of the best interviews I’ve had. Rob takes the time to research his guest in order to conduct an incredible interview. In addition to providing exposure via internet and radio interviews, Rob is committed to supporting authors by increasing the sales of their books with his promotion strategies. If you are looking for marketing you definitely want to work with For Book Lovers Only. Rob’s marketing ideas and affordable marketing plans make For Book Lovers Only the best choice for your next project.”
Serwa Kenyetta Groves
Serwa Kenyetta Groves, Author and Mindset Strategist
Discovering You Mindset

Serwa’s Interview

“Rob Brown is the epitome of professional when it comes to how he makes his clients and TV guests feel and the services he provides for them. I was featured on his radio show a few years ago and it was a delightful experience. Rob made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. He was professional and knowledgeable about my books when I was featured, and I felt well-represented. Consistency and commitment to excellence is what sets Rob apart from other promoters. He goes the extra mile to make sure his clients are not only happy with his services but that they receive a satisfactory return on their investments. I would highly recommend Rob Brown’s services to any author looking for that competitive edge.”
Traci Sanders
Traci Sanders, Author and Speaker
Rise Up, Mamas!

Traci’s Interview

“I first met Rob Brown at an Authors Event, and was later interviewed on ‘For Book Lovers Only’ by him. His professionalism and genuine interest in my works put me at immediate ease! He is truly committed to giving both up and coming and established authors a platform to reach readers with their works. His knowledge of his guests is unparalleled and I recommend him for authors of any genre if you want assistance with reaching the next level as an author!”
Trisha Lindsey
Trisha Lindsey, Author
Cold War Memories: A Retrospective on Living in Berlin

Trisha’s Interview

“Fellow authors, let me share a great resource for you to help nearly every aspect of your book marketing needs – For Book Lovers Only. I’ve known the Chief Book Lover, Rob Brown, for several years now and am always impressed with his willingness to help me as I progress through my writing exploits. It started with meeting Rob at a Texas Author’s marketing event in Houston, Texas, several years ago. When I had the opportunity to visit Maryland, I set up an appointment for both a TV and Radio interview. The results were far better than any other similar experience I’ve had. His studio set up is great, and, most of all, he is a talented interviewer. Afterward, I asked for his help in creating multiple short snippets of the interviews that I could use on my own social media platforms. Again, he produced material better than I had hoped for. High quality and professional. Most of all, very affordable. Recently, I used his team’s graphics capability to re-design a video I made for an upcoming book. Again, top rate. If you are looking to take your marketing products to the next higher level, I heartily recommend Rob and his team!”
Michael J. Farlow
Michael J. Farlow, Author
The Host Saga Series

Michael’s Interview

“What sets Rob apart is he establishes a lasting, mutual connection with his guest authors. He strives to entertain, inform, and captivate his audience with an eclectic mix of authors. What I love about Rob is, he’s genuine, and he is passionate in what he stands for – his love for books. In support of his fellow authors, Rob challenges himself to expand his marketing portfolio with diversified strategies to help us succeed with our marketing.”
Eileen Pieczonka
Eileen Pieczonka, Author
Blueberry Bear Children’s Books

Eileen’s Interview

“Rob provides such a valuable service for authors and readers with his interviews on “For Book Lovers Only”. His conversational tone makes it a fun experience for everyone involved. I feel lucky to have met Rob at a local event. We do so much online these days, that it’s easy for us overlook people and opportunities in our own backyard. For me, Rob’s show combines the best approach to marketing both locally and online.”
Debbi Mack
Debbi Mack, New York Times Bestselling Author
Sam McRae Mystery Series

Debbi’s interview

“Rob Brown brilliantly created a platform for avid readers and authors to connect. The website, For Book Lovers Only, is a marketing machine for authors. The full package includes author interviews available both in Television and Radio formats. The audience is more adeptly able to identify with the authors and their books and purchase at their convenience. Why consider joining? For authors, writing a book is the more natural part, but many are unaware that marketing and selling their book is a job onto itself. Many are unfamiliar with, or not up-to-date on the better marketing strategies. With the help of For Book Lovers Only, authors reach larger audiences while building their brand. Behind the scenes, it was a pleasure becoming acquainted with Rob. He is a professional on every level. As a guest and participant at his networking events, and a book fair, it was evident that becoming a member of For Book Lovers Only is a wise decision.”
Elinor Stutz
Elinor Stutz, International Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker
The Wish: A 360 Business Development Process That Fuels Sales

Elinor’s Interview