Life with My Idiot Family: A True Story of Survival, Courage and Justice over Childhood Sexual Abuse


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Seven-year-old little girls love their daddy. Kathy was no exception, so when her daddy started paying “special” attention to her, she felt “special” in turn. Her daddy loved her… what could be better than that?

Few betrayals run as deep as the betrayal of being sexually abused throughout your childhood by the man you should have been able to trust with your life. For Kathy, the betrayal ran deeper because when she finally found the courage to start speaking out about what her abuser did to her, her family responded by labeling her a liar and a troublemaker.

Kathy didn’t stop speaking out though. In fact, she spoke out more, eventually becoming a powerful voice in the nine year campaign to get both the criminal and civil statute of limitations extended for child sex abuse crimes changed in Massachusetts. On June 26, 2014, the day the civil bill was signed into law, Kathy was finally able to file suit against her abuser.

Abusers get away with their crimes because the thought of confronting them—even through legitimate legal channels—can be a terrifying prospect for a victim. Yes, Kathy’s story as a victim is filled with years of sexual abuse and threats, but there are many more years filled with personal and professional triumphs as her life progressed beyond the physical and emotional reach of her abuser. Kathy is inspirational proof that good people can win, and that speaking out and fighting for what you truly believe in can help make this world a better place to live.


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